2020 Benjastanian Democratic Referendum

The 2020 Benjastanian Democratic Referendum was held on 19 August 2020. It approved a set of reforms to Benjastanian democracy.

2020 Benjastanian Democratic Referendum
19 August 2020

Reforms the Benjastanian democratic system in a number of ways
Votes %
Yes 10 &1000000000000006250000062.50%
No 6 &1000000000000003750000037.50%
Valid votes 16 &10000000000000100000000100.00%
Invalid or blank votes 0 &100000000000000000000000.00%
Total votes 16 100.00%


  • As Benjastan is a constitutionally socialist state, all electoral parties except for the Workers’ Party will be dissolved. Their members will NOT be prosecuted, the parties will simply cease to exist.
  • The People’s National Congress will become a nonpartisan elected body.
  • A new branch of the Legislature of Benjastan will be founded, known as the Standing Committee for Benjastan, with five members, called Commissioners. This legislature will be elected by members of the Workers’ Party of Benjastan. This standing committee will be led by the First Secretary. All legislation passed in the PNC must also pass the Standing Committee unless it reaches a supermajority of 6/8 of the members.
  • The President will be selected in this procedure:
  • Candidates will be nominated by members of the Standing Committee for Benjastan. The committee will vote, and nominate one person in the end.
  • The People’s National Congress must confirm the nomination by a simple majority vote. If it does not pass the Congress, the Standing Committee must start the process again.
  • A vote is held among all citizens of Benjastan, where they can vote “Yes” or “No” to approve the selection with a simple majority. If the selection is not approved, the process will start again with a different candidate.
  • Governorships will be nonpartisan.
  • The Vice President will be selected by the President after they have been elected, and confirmed by both houses of Congress.