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{{Infobox election
{{Infobox election
| election_name    =2020 Baranese judicial election
| election_name    =2020 Baranese judicial election

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2020 Baranese judicial election

← None November 26, 2020 (2020-11-26) (first round), November 28, 2020 (2020-11-28) (second round) ? →
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Nominee Imrich Kvajda K.Č. T.L.
Party SDP FB Liberal
Popular vote 3 votes 2 votes 3 votes
Percentage 50% 33, 3% 50%

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Nominee M.B. A.H. P.L.
Party FB PA DaC
Popular vote 2 votes 0 votes 1 vote
Percentage 33, 3% 0% 16, 7%

Supreme Judge before election


Elected Supreme Judge


Judicial elections were held in Baránok on 26 November 2020 to fill the 3 vacant seats of the Supreme Court. 6 candidates ran.


After the creation of the Supreme Court was approved on 6 November 2020, elections were set up to hold sometime in November, and finally, the date was set on 26 November.

The "Big Three" controversy

On 24 November 2020, a group of opposition MPs found out that all President, Prime Minister and President of the Federal Assembly (the "Big Three") are running for the office of Judges[1]. It sparked a large controversy, and, finally, a public voting for new constitutional amendment was held, about that if they could run in judicial election. The results of the referendum approved that they could run, as less than a half of population participated (5 from 13 citizens). It is possible that this affair will be debated in the Court in future.


T.L. and Imrich Kvajda got into the Supreme Court. K.Č. and M.B. contested for the third seat in the second round, with M.B. winning.

Candidate Party Results
Imrich Kvajda SDP 3 50%
T.L. Liberal 3 50%
M.B. FB 2 33, 3%[a]
K.Č. FB 2 33, 3%
P.L. DaC 1 16, 7%
A.H. PA 0 0%
Total 100.00



  1. Won the second round.