2020 Baranese coup d'état

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2020 Baranese coup d'état
Part of Fourth Republic of Baránok
Date10 December 2020-13 December 2020
Caused byInactivity of the Government and President
Parties to the civil conflict
Part of the Government and the President
Rebels from Drunk and Corrupt and the Opposition
Lead figures

Protests of the opposition and then a coup d'état occured in Baránok on 10 December 2020 because of inactivity of the President and the Government.


Free Baránok won the parliamentary election in July 2020 and their leader, K.Č. became the Prime Minister. His government was totally inactive for majority of the term and did practically nothing, so the opposition decided to begin protesting against him and also against the President. First protests were organized in late October 2020, but failed to get endorsement from the population and the Government still had a stable position.

The coup

Requirements of Baranese people and H.K.'s message

The protests began after Imrich Kvajda and S.S. published a short document named Requirements of Baranese people, which said that the President and Prime Minister must immediately resign due to their inactivity and "mad ideas". Minister of Economy H.K. then wrote a threatening message that if the protests will not end, ”totality will be installed.” The protesters became even more angry and began a demonstration.

DaC endorsing the protesters; new government formed

A surprise came after a coalition party Drunk and Corrupt endorsed the protesters and left the coalition.The government was dissolved with only 2 seats in the Federal Assembly. A new government of Democratic Union and Drunk and Corrupt was formed. M.M. took the office of the Prime Minister.

New election of the Prime Minister; crisis ends

M.M.'s government resigned on 11 December 2020 because of Kvajda's complaints that the elections were unfair. The Coalition Council held a meeting the next day, on which they agreed that the Government will resign peacefully and a new Prime Minister will be elected. On 11 and 12 December, the Federal Assembly elected the new one, with two candidates (T.L. and K.Č.), both ex-Prime Ministers, with the latter being overthrown only one day ago. T.L., the mild favorite, won and the crisis ended after he assumed office on 13 December. He then established a minority government only consisting of DUB members.


The aftermath of the coup was especially destructive for DaC. Their popularity decreased and failed to get into the parliament the first time ever in their existence in January 2021 election. Free Baránok, the governing party before the coup, ended in opposition and DUB won the election and became the governing party. The aftermath of the coup also partially caused the dissolution of Baránok.