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2019 Micro World Cup (MFMF)

The 2019 Micro World Cup is the first installment of the Micronational Federation of Mycusian Football (MFMF)'s world cup, and it is hosted in Damazia. The tournament will start in July 2019.

2019 Micro World Cup
Logo of the 2019 Micro World Cup
Tournament details
Host countryDamazia Flag.png Damazia (march 2019 borders)
DatesJune and July 2019
Venue(s)(in 2 host cities)
Third placeRegno del Silenzio.png Silence Kingdom
Fourth placeLuxe.jpg Luxe
Tournament statistics
Matches played8



In April 2018, Gabriele Pasqua,already president of the Republic of Damazia decided to organize a soccer world championship, on the wave of the world championship in Russia organized by FIFA, but Pasqua's tournament is on a micronational level.

Samuele Cheli, president of Comvorlistan, asked Gabriele Pasqua to move the world championship to 2019 and play the tournament with PES2018.

Many micronations of FederMicroITA decided to enter the world championship.

Initially the Damazia wanted to have 12 micronations to participate in the tournament. The participating teams have changed, also because of the political problems that occurred from the micronations that have joined or have applied to participate. In July 2018, the president Samuele Cheli of Comvorlistan, decides to found the MFMF and decides to organize the world championships every 2 years.

On march 2019, Samuele Cheli writes the official matches and decided to create the championship with 6 teams, due to the lack of registered micronations.


All the participants are micronations are invited to Damazian government or MFMF, some with request by the team. No qualifications about the tournament.

Team Manager Captain Registration Date Reason
  Damazia Gabriele Pasqua Luca Matita April 2018 Host Team
  Almond Tree's Kingdom King Almond Tree Giovanni Ortaggio July 2018 Invited
  Silence Kingdom Ermenegilda I Dool Alice August 2018 Invited
  Luxe Luca Mirante Luca Mirante December 2018 Invited
  Messapic Empire Giovanni Putignano 8 January 2019 Request to participation
  Chelandia/Nova Italia Samuele Cheli Ugo Magnani 20 January 2019 (as Chelandia's national football team) Invited


Group Stage

The group stages will be either two groups of three teams. The first placed team of a group is qualificated in the Final, and the second placed team of a group plays the third and fourth side final.

Group A

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
  Damazia 2 2 0 0 8 0 +8 4
  Silence Kingdom 2 1 0 1 2 7 -5 2
  Messapic Empire 2 0 0 2 1 4 -3 0

Group B

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
  Chelandia/Nova Italia 2 2 0 0 10 1 +9 4
  Luxe 2 1 0 1 5 4 +1 2
  Almond Tree's Kingdom 2 0 0 2 0 10 -10 0

Final Stage

The first placed team in his group plays the final, and the second placed team in his group plays the Third/Fourth place final.

Third-Fourth place final

The Silence Kingdom of Rosignano becomes third at this tournament and ottains bronze.