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6-[[Republic of Abrus|Abrus]]<br />
6-[[Republic of Abrus|Abrus]]<br />
7-[[Shellford]]<br />
7-[[Shellford]]<br />
8-[[Southern California]]
8-[[File:Flag of NKSC.png|border|25px]] [[Southern California]]

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2018 MSF World Cup
Coppa del Mondo delle Micronazioni
Tournament details
Teams8 (Participants)
Venue(s) (in 4 Cities host cities)
Tournament statistics
Matches played8
Goals scored00 (0 per match)
Attendance0,000 (0 per match)

The MSF World Cup 2018 and the first edition of the homonymous event, which will be held in a state to be established.

Official Drawing

Categoria 1
Cabezas de serie
Categoria 2


8-Flag of NKSC.png Southern California

Final Drawing

Grupo A Grupo B Grupo C Grupo D
Cabeza de Serie Cabeza de Serie Cabeza de Serie Cabeza de Serie
Posicion 2A Posicion 2B Posicion 2C Posicion 2D
Posicion 3A Posicion 3B Posicion 3C Posicion 3D
Posicion 4A Posicion 4B Posicion 4C Posicion 4D