2018 Alperia coup d'état

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2018 Alperia coup d'état
Date14 July 2018
  • Plush dolls removed from citizenship
  • Women's Right Party and Republic Party closed
  • Turkey was given the land to grass in the backyard
  • Constitution writing is started
  • Coup is failed
Womensrightpartyalpenia.png Women's Right Party
Alperish Roundel.png Alperian Air Force
Repalpparty.png Republic Party
Armyalpenia.png Alperish Military

Flagalperia1.png Alperish Government

  • Aepparty.png Alperia Empire Party
    Comparty.png Communist Party
Commanders and leaders
Womensrightpartyalpenia.png Ayşe Bilig
Repalpparty.png Zemheri Çakırköy
Womensrightpartyalpenia.png name unknown
Flagalperia1.png Alperen I
Aepparty.png Tırak Sakhalin
Comparty.png Kutay Sibirov
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The 2018 Alperia Coup d'état was a failed military coup attempt which took place on 14 July 2018 in the Empire of Alperia. The coup attempt was first announced on Alperia's Discord server. After its failure all plush dolls had their citizenship revoked and two of Alperia's political parties were dissolved. As this article is somewhat comical in nature, (?) denotes a somewhat confusing sentence which does not seem to have much context.


Sultan Alperen I was already planning to revoke plush doll citizenship, but the Women's Right and Republic parties were strongly opposed to it. They thought that the plush dolls would not be sultans, and that the external forces would attack it as well. The new constitution would be applied only to people and they could not get paid. They thought that they were to be expelled from citizenship, not because they were exclusive, but because they were competitors.



Ayşe Bilig, Zemheri Çakırköy and a deputy set up a plan together. He ordered the Sultan House to go to the kitchen(?).


After the soldiers shut down the bus to the kitchen, they made a bus stop. Tırak Sakhalin and Kutay Sibirov, who passed by the road, quickly ran and reported it to the Sultan after seeing the incident. The Sultan tried to give the conspirators orders to stop, but failed. Tırak Sakhain was shot and wounded at the scene. Sultan Alperen I escaped from the scene and sought shelter elsewhere. He went out to search for plane wreckage(?). Alperen secretly wounded two soldiers and sneaked into the Sultan's bedroom with Kutay Sibirov. Five people were captured(?).

Coup criminals Ayşe Bilig, Zemheri Çakırköy and a deputy


According to reports, two plush doll were found to have been forced to join the coup attempt and two of them wanted to be forgiven by Alperen I. Three plush doll were taken into custody. As a result of the failed coup, Plush dolls had their citizenship revoked and two political parties were found to have colluded with the conspirators, and thus they were disbanded. An hour later the old small uchtaç was annexed(?) by Turkey's territory.

Tırak Sakhalin is injured