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{{ infobox football league season
{{ infobox football league season
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MVFF Dualiga
Official Logo


The MVFF Dualiga 2017-18 will be the second edition of the competition and the first under its new name. It is the MVFF's second tier competition and will feature 10 teams. The Final of the competition will be played at Stadion Srbika in Serbica which has a virtual capacity of 48,000. The winner of the competition will play in the MVFF Supercup with the MVFF Superleague Champion.

Qualified Teams

Group Stages

  • Florian Republicflag.svg Florian Warriors FC
  • Flag of Nedland.png Palazu FK
  • Oldhavenflag.svg VFC Bridge
  • PolishRepublicOfFreeland.png Locomotiv Opolla