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The current date is
24 August 2019

This Year is After 2010 This year is Followed by 2012

Events by month




  • 1st - The Kingdom of Istoria begins its Second Great Move to a house near 57th Palouse Highway.
  • 2nd - The Independent Republic of Brogenia is established.
  • 3rd - The Kingdom of Gratismansland's troops catch Viracci. He is later sentenced to death.
  • 5th - The Constitutional Republic of Niestata is formed.
  • 8th
    • A Motion of No Confidence against President Lawson of Wyke is put before the National Assembly.
    • The Kingdom of Dranoria is formed.
  • 9th - The Kingdom of Dranoria claims Kasugrad, and enters formal relations with the Principality of Optima.
  • 14th
    • The Pimpville War ends due to the signing of a treaty previously denied by President Shane King.
    • Sirocco unveils a new coat of arms.
  • 16th
  • 20th - Second Dictatorgate Scandal: the Motion of No Confidence against President Lawson passes with a 3-1 majority, but Lawson refuses to sign the Bill.
  • 21st
    • Second Dictatorgate Scandal: an emergency National Assembly meeting is held, during which Joe Foxon attempts to negotiate with President Lawson. After an hour of talks, Lawson and Daniel Phillips make a power sharing agreement, turning Wyke into a military dictatorship. Foxon resigns all his posts and renounces his citizenship.
    • First Minister Sebastian von Linden is dismissed as the United Kingdom of Zealandia breaks up.
  • 22nd - An Earthquake measuring 6.3 on the seismic scales strikes at 12:51 pm (NZDT) causing wide spread damage across many parts of Zealandia and the surrounding region, killing 181 People.
  • 23rd - Second Dictatorgate Scandal: Mercury becomes a state of Rukora, hours before President Lawson offers a peace deal to Joe Foxon. Lawson later retires from micronational politics.
  • 26th - The Slinky Republic is dissolved.
  • 27th - Siroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs Taylor Petrelli resigns her position. Premier Daniel Anderson assumes the role as Minister of Foreign Affairs.











List of micronations

Nation (start of year) Months Nation (end of year)
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
Appalachia Appalachia
Empire of Arboria Holy Dallmark Empire
Austenasia Austenasia
Land Republic of Bascal State of Bascal
Bethania, Republic of Bethania, Social Republic of
Ceskonia Schwanensee
Cizland, Republic of Faryar
ComradeMr Republic Burkland
CR Dallingrad SSR Dallingrad
Dale Empire Dale Republic
Dalton Dalton
Dranoria Dranoria
Dusschia Dussmark, Social Republic of
People's Republic of Eania People's Republic of Eania
Egtavia Egtavia
Eleytheria/Pristinia (Kd.) Pristinia (Rep.)
Erephisia Erephisia
Illuminarchal Union of Eruditia Illuminarchal Union of Eruditia
Fortulawl Fortulawl
Francisville Francisville
Kingdom of Giovalen Kingdom of Giovalen
Gishabrun Gishabrun
Hamlinian Republic Hamlinian Republic
Harleck Provisional Government of Harleck
Federal Republic of Havnesgade-Amager Federal Mandate of Havnesgade-Amager
Heist-op-den-Berg Heist-op-den-Berg
Imvrassia Imvrassia
Indokistan Indokistan
Kingdom of Istoria NPD Istoria
Kingdom of Juclandia Kingdom of Juclandia
Kingdom of Kirkland DPR of Kirkland
Republic of Kuhugstan Republic of Kuhugstan
Kozuc Khanate FSR Kozuc
Landashir Landashir
Kingdom of Latitudia Kingdom of Latitudia
Los Bay Petros Los Bay Petros
Lostisland Lostisland
Lurk Republic Lurk Federation
Mercury Mercury
Midget Nation Austenasia
Montosh Empire Montosh Empire
Nemkhavia Nemkhavia
New Europe New Europe
Newria Brogenia
North America '
Optima Dranoria
Orly Orly
Pannonia Pannonia
Rajputistan Vedistan
Rathunas Rathunas
Rukora ERD Rukora
Samana Cay Samana Cay
Kremlum Sandus, territory of St.Charlie Sandus, State of
The Sandbars The Sandbars
United States of Santos Federal Republic of Santos
Secundomia Secundomia
Senya Senya
Sirocco Sirocco
Slinky Empyre Slinky Empyre
Slinky Republyc
Starland Republic Starland Republic
St.Charlie St.Charlie
Taigh a Bata Taigh a Bata
United Federation of Thag United Federation of Thag
Unified Republics of Thantias Unified Republics of Thantias
Theodia, Kingdom of Theodia, Kingdom of
Turto (Duxist) Turtonian Empire
Überstadt Kingdom of Überstadt
Ultamiya Ultamiya
Underwoodia Mentia, Region of (Theodia)
USLSSR Nemkhavia
Freedomia Freedomia
Commonwealth of Voltar Voltar
Westland Westland
Wilcsland Wilcsland
Wyke Murrayfield
Wyvern Wyvern
Yabloko Yabloko
Zealandia Zealandia

National leaders