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The current date is
27 October 2021

Events by month




This month was first labelled as Black March by the Camurian Government and then the community surrounding the Grand Unified Micronational and its members.


Camurian War begins April 7th



Ex-Emperor Timmy III of Neutralia declared June 2009 to be White June in order to promote peace. Emperor Timmy IV and his ministers announce that any micronation in the world can now join the North American Micronational Congress as long as they strive for peace and have a stable government. This is done to promote White June.



  • 1st - NottaLotta Acres declares independence.
  • 3rd - Prince Thomas founds the Principality of Old-Saeftinghe.
  • 3rd - The Republic of Taigh a Bata creates it's own currency, the Taigh a Bata Dollar.
  • 3rd - Edict of Clonrise passes into law in Coleraine.
  • 4th - First New European legislative election begins.
  • 5th - The last Presidents of NED, Will and Luke, are deposed and NED officially ends.
  • 8th - The Montosh Empire is founded.
  • 10th - Kingdom of Pipeland established.
  • 11th - Pipeland Pound created.
  • 12th - Intermicronational State of Northwest Island established, along with the Northwest Island Pound.
  • 14th - The Republic of Taigh a Bata establishes the Taigh a Bata Times newspaper and occupies Pipeland.
  • 14th - Dave Scantlebury is elected the first premier of Pamale Territory, Rizja.
  • 17th - First election season starts in the Republic of Taigh a Bata.
  • 21st - Prince Thomas of the Principality of Old-Saeftinghe sends e-mails to various states and micronations encouraging the dissolving of Flandrensis, and crowns himself the Grand Duke of Flandrensis.
  • 23rd - New European elections end.
  • 25th - Taigh a Bata election season ends.
  • 25th - Tor Pendente and Caroline Charlotte officially become part of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie.
  • 26th - the Kingdom of Square annexes the Territory of Victoria, separated into two regions of former southern Kazakhstan.
  • 28th - The 1st Wrythe Heavy Infantry Platoon of the Empire of Austenasia invades and annexes Commius Flats, adding it to the town of Wrythe.
  • 28th - Starland is founded.
  • 29th - The 2nd Central Party Congress of the CPUSMR is held to elect a Central Committee and Politburo.
  • 30th - Sandus abolishes the Lamate and establishes the National Congress, effectively becoming a Direct Democracy.




November 21st: New European coup d'état begins in the Chicago Skirmish


List of micronations

← 2008 Months → 2010
Nation (start of year) 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 Nation (end of year)
Andersonia Andersonia
Annina Kravat Annina Kravat
Austenasia Austenasia
Bascal Bascal
Camuria Camuria
Corran Corran
Danburnia Danburnia
People's Republic of Eania People's Republic of Eania
Erusia Erusia
Fortulawl Fortulawl
Francisville Francisville
Istoria Istoria
United Kingdom of Jennings People's Republic of Turto
Juclandia Juclandia
Kirissa Kirissa
Kingdom of Latitudia Kingdom of Latitudia
Los Bay Petros Los Bay Petros
Midget Empire Midget Nation-in-Exile
Montosh Empire Montosh Empire
Moya Kravat Moya Kravat
Moylurg/Deleckshum Moylurg
Imperial Republic of Murrayfield Socialist Republic of Murrayfield
NED defunct
New Europe New Europe
Principality of Optima Principality of Optima
Republic of Petorio Republic of Petorio
Empire of Pristinia New Pristinia/Pristinia
Samana Cay Samana Cay
Sandefreistikhan Sandus
Scientopia New Scientopia
Secundomia Secundomia
Slinky Empyre Slinky Empyre
Snakia Wyvern
Starland Republic Starland Republic
Federal Republic of St.Charlie Federal Republic of St.Charlie
Stigistan Barrington
Taklamacan Taklamacan
Tozland Tozland
Taklamacan Taklamacan
Varcetia Varcetia

List of national leaders