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'''2008''' ('''MMVIII''') was a leap year that started on a Tuesday. In the Gregorian calendar, it was the 2008th year of the Common Era or of Anno Domini; the 8th year of the 3rd millennium and of the 21st century; and the 9th of the 2000s.
Micronationally speaking, in the MicroWiki Community, 2008 is sometimes known as the ''year of conception'' as the oldest members of the current community joined the site this year, and numerous micronations that later joined the group were founded this year.
== Events by month ==
=== January ===
*'''18th''' - [[Emperor Wilhelm I|Wilhelm von Hartmann]], [[Queen Catherie I of Tenessee|Catherine Willoughby]] and [[Kasey Honings]] create the United Reichs of North America
*'''26th'''- James I founds the [[Angador|Kingdom of Angador]]
=== February ===
=== March ===
*'''20th '''- [[Qootärlænt]] is found
=== April ===
*'''22nd''' - The [[Empire of Pristinia]] is founded.
=== May ===
=== June ===
*'''Unknown''' - The inactive micronation of [[Empire of Eania|Eania]] becomes active once more.
*'''5th''' - The Kingdom of [[Hoppalobindia]] is founded.
=== July ===
*'''20th''' - The [[Kaznian Rebirth|Kaznian Revolution]]
*'''20th''' - The [[Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay]] is founded as the Kingdom of Samana Cay.
=== August ===
*'''23rd''' - Socialist Democratic State of Toys is renamed into SDS of Romania, and later in [[Juclandia]]
*'''28th''' - The [[Ohio Empire]] is founded.
=== September  ===
*'''9th - '''The [[Republic of Nasatroe]] is founded.
*'''17th''' - The [[Scientopia]] is founded.
*'''20th''' - The [[Empire of Austenasia]] is founded by the then [[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|Crown Prince Jonathan]], and the first Declaration of Independence is sent, to the Member of Parliament for Carshalton and Wallington.
*'''26th''' - The [[Republic of Petorio]] is founded.
=== October ===
*'''13th''' - The Empire of Freedomia is founded by Mark II.
*'''13th -'''The [[Petorio Presidential elections, 2008|Petorio Presidential elections]] take place.
*'''13th''' - [[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|Crown Prince Jonathan of Austenasia]] celebrates his 14th birthday, and sends [[Austenasia|Austenasia's]] second Declaration of Independence to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
*'''17th''' - [[Stigistan]] is founded.
*'''17th''' - Scientopia creates the [[Scientopian Aeronautics and Space Agency]].
*'''20th''' - [[Optima]] declares independence from Australia.
=== November ===
*'''1st''' - The [[Principality of Kaznia]] reforms into The [[Cheslovian Federation]]
*'''2nd''' - The [[Kingdom of Praugsia]] is founded for the second time.
*'''4th '''- The [[Glorious Dictatorial Republic of Andersonia]] is founded. While the ''exact'' date of foundation is not known, November 4th is the generally accepted date.
*'''8th''' - [[Danburnia]] is founded.
*'''15th''' - [[Kingdom of St.Charlie]]: [[Patrizio I]] abdicates due to health reasons, Kingdom unofficially dissolved, start of the '''November Revolution'''.
*'''17th''' - [[Tozland]] is founded
*'''20th''' - [[Hontui Island Newspapers|TB News]] is created.
*'''20th''' - [[St.Charlie|St.Charlian]] November Revolution: the revolutionary guerrilla takes control of the Royal Palace. The [[National Party of St.Charlie]] is founded by [[Alexander Reinhardt]] and [[Whisky I]].
*'''23rd''' - [[St.Charlie|St.Charlian]] November Revolution: Constitution is promulgated by members of the [[NPSC]], official establishment of the Federal Republic under a single-party rule.
*'''28th''' - The [[Democratic Duchy of Francisville]] is formed.
=== December ===
*'''1st''' - [[Federal Republic of St.Charlie]]: [[Whisky I]] becomes Secretary of the NPSC, succeding [[Alexander Reinhardt]]
*'''14th''' - Founding Date of the [[Kingdom of Morkskovia]][[File:KCH6.jpg|thumb]]
*'''20th''' - The 2008 Parliamentary Elections take place in [[Petorio]].
*'''20th''' - [[Hontui Premier League]] kicks off for the first time
*'''21st''' - [[Federal Republic of St.Charlie]]: First citizen's census is started, which ends the 31st of December.
*'''22nd'''- [[United Nation of Canines]]: The 2008 Presidential Elections take place with Stephen Leachim and Holden G. McHusky elected President and Vice President respectively.
*'''30th''' - [[Austenasia]] sends its third and final Declaration of Independence to the Home Office of the United Kingdom.
*'''31st '''- [[Republic of Danvania|Danvania]] declares independence.
==List of micronations==
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{{Micronations by Year calendar}}
{{Micronations by Year start}}
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[Glorious Dictatorial Republic of Andersonia|Andersonia]]
nation2=[[Glorious Dictatorial Republic of Andersonia|Andersonia]]}}
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=Austenasia
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=Danburnia
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[Empire of Eania|People's Republic of Eania]]
nation2=[[Empire of Eania|People's Republic of Eania]]}}
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[Erusia]]
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[Democratic Duchy of Francisville|Francisville]]
nation2=[[Democratic Duchy of Francisville|Francisville]]}}
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[Republic of Latitudia|Kingdom of Latitudia]]
nation2=[[Republic of Latitudia|Kingdom of Latitudia]]}}
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=Midget Empire
nation2=Midget Empire}}
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[Principality of Optima]]
nation2=[[Principality of Optima]]}}
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[Republic of Orbis|Orbis]]
nation2=[[Kingdom of Erauqs|Erauqs]]}}
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[Socialist Democratic State of Toys]]
nation2=[[Juclandian Republics|Socialist Republic of Juclandia]]}}
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[NED]]
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[Republic of Petorio]]
nation2=[[Republic of Petorio]]}}
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[Empire of Pristinia]]
nation2=[[Empire of Pristinia]]}}
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay|Kingdom of Samana Cay]]
nation2=[[Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay|Commandate of Samana Cay]]}}
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=Slinky Empyre
nation2=Slinky Empyre}}
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=Snakia
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[DSL-Starland|Starland Republic]]
nation2=[[DSL-Starland|Starland Republic]]}}
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[Kingdom of St.Charlie]]
nation2=[[Federal Republic of St.Charlie]]}}
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=Stigistan
{{Micronations by Year|nation1 = Taklamacan
nation2 = Taklamacan}}
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=Tozland
{{Micronations by Year end}}
Three letter codes:
act = active
def = defunct
ina = inactive
new = new micronation
mer = merger
chg = name change
dis = disgraced
000 = no info
==List of national leaders==
*'''{{flagiconstart|A1flag.png}} [[Most Glorious People's Republic of A1]]'''
**Chairman - [[Marienka Pprit]], [[Chairman of A1]] (2008 - 2009)
**Deputy Chairman - [[Gordon Freeman|Sir. Gordon Freeman]], [[Deputy Chairman of A1]] (2008 - 2009)
*'''{{flagiconstart|GDR_Flag.png}} [[Glorious Dictatorial Republic of Andersonia]]''' - [[Daniel Anderson]], [[Glorious Dictatorial Republic of Andersonia|Glorious Dictator-for-Life]] (2008 - 2010)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Vlagcampinia.jpg}} [[Campinia|Grand Principality of Campinia]]''' -[[Campinia|Guillaume I]], [[House of Campinia|Grand Prince of Campinia]] (2000- 2012)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Flag of Austenasia.png}} [[Empire of Austenasia]]'''
**Monarch – [[Terry I, Emperor of Austenasia|Terry I]], [[Austenasian Monarchy|Emperor of Austenasia]] (2008 - 2010)
**Prime Minister – [[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIH Crown Prince Jonathan]], [[Prime Minister of Austenasia]] (2008 - 2013)
*'''[[Kingdom of Corran]]''' - Unknown vassal monarch (2007 - 2009)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Vlag.jpg}} [[Grand Duchy of Flandrensis]]'''
**Grand Duke - [[Niels of Flandrensis|Niels I]], [[Grand Duchy of Flandrensis|Grand Duke of Flandrensis]] (2008 - present)
**Prime Minister - [[Hein of Giddis]], [[Grand Duchy of Flandrensis|Prime Minister of Flandrensis]] (2008 - present)
*'''[[Quentin I of Wyvern#Role in History|GSC Territory]]''' - [[Quentin I of Wyvern|Quentin]], [[Quentin I of Wyvern#Role in History|Leader of the GSC Territory]] (2008 - 2009)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Landashirblueold.png}} [[Community of Landashir|Crown Principality of Landashir]]''' - [[James von Puchow|James II]], [[Community of Landashir|Crown Prince of Landashir]] (2001 - 2010)
*'''[[Midget Empire]]''' - [[Crown Princess Caroline of Austenasia|Caroline III]], [[Midget Master]] (2006 - 2010)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Molossia_flag.png}} [[Republic of Molossia]]''' - [[Kevin Baugh]], [[Republic of Molossia|President of Molossia]] (1999 - present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Pristflag.jpg}} [[Empire of Pristinia]]''' - [[Frederic I of Pristinia|Frederic I]], [[Empire of Pristinia|Emperor of Pristinia]] (2008 - 2009)
*'''{{flagiconstart|N606867833 910777 3952.jpg}} [[Scientopia]]'''
**Tzar - [[Jacob Tierney]], [[Scientopia|Tzar Royalé of Scientopia]] (2008 - 2009)
**Supreme Overlord - Proud, [[Scientopia#Scientopian Divide|Supreme Overlord of Scientopia]] (2008 - 2009)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Flag of Sealand.svg}} [[Principality of Sealand]]'''
**Prince - [[Paddy Roy Bates|Roy]], [[Principality of Sealand|Prince of Sealand]] (1967 - 2012)
**Regent - [[Principality of Sealand|Prince Michael]], [[Principality of Sealand|Prince Regent of Sealand]] (1999 - 2012)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Slinky_Empyre.png}} [[Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy]]''' - [[Kyng Fyrst|Fyrst]], [[Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy|Kyng of the Slinky Empyre]] (2008 - 2011)
*'''[[Quentin I of Wyvern#Role in History|Kingdom of Snakia]]''' ''(Kingdom of Snakia transitions into the GSC Territory in 2008)''
**Leader - [[Quentin I of Wyvern|Quentin]], [[Quentin I of Wyvern#Role in History|Leader of Snakia]] (2006 - 2008)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Pat1_flag.png}}/{{flagiconstart|Flag_stcharlie.png}} [[Kingdom of St.Charlie|Kingdom]]/[[Federal Republic of St.Charlie]]'''
**Head of State -
**#[[Patrizio I]], [[Kingdom of St.Charlie|King of St.Charlie]] (2000 - 2008)
**#[[Alexander Reinhardt]], [[National Party of St.Charlie|Secretary of the National Party of St.Charlie]] (2008)
**#[[Whisky I]], [[President of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie|Federal President of St.Charlie]] (2008 - 2010)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Taklamacan.gif}} [[Kingdom of the Taklamacan]]''' - [[Declan I, II & V|Declan I]], [[Kingdom of the Taklamacan|King of the Taklamacan]] (2002 - 2013)
**'''{{flagiconstart|Thebes arms.jpg}} [[Kingdom of Thebes]]''' - [[Declan I, II & V|Declan I & II]], [[Kingdom of Thebes|King of Thebes]] (2003 - 2010)
**'''[[Kingdom of Saqqara]]''' - [[Declan I, II & V|Declan I]], [[Kingdom of Saqqara|King of Saqqara]] (2003 - 2011)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Vikeslandflag.jpg}} [[Kingdom of Vikesland]]''' - [[Christopher I of Vikesland|Christopher I]], [[Kingdom of Vikesland|King of Vikesland]] (2005 - present)

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