2005 Ardelian Border Conflict

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Threatened Invasion of Ardelia
Army of Ardelia.jpg
Ardelian Army Officers approach the Vossk border
Conflict: Vossk/Ardelian Border War
Date: 2 January 2005 - 3 January 2005
Place: Vossk Empire and Empire of Ardelia
Outcome: Stalemate, both sides back down
Flag of Ardelia.png Empire of Ardelia Flag of the Vossk Empire.png Vossk Empire
Shah Justinian III
Emperor Sh'Gaal

200 (50 Army, 150 Border Guards)

8,000 (2,500 Border Guards, 5,500 Army)

0 0

The Ardelian Border Conflict was a diplomatic crisis that occurred in January 2005 when the Vossk Empire attempted to claim and annex the northwestern part of West Ardelia. The conflict was eventually resolved when the Vossk government rescinded their claims after several other nations threatened to get involved.