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The current date is
20 June 2019
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Events by month



  • Unknown - The Midget Empire increases in popularity, and a surge of new recruits helps Midget Master Jonathan in successfully conquering The Line and the Lower Playground.





  • 2nd - The Prince of Andany, Pablo Macias, is born in Aguascalientes City, AGS, Mexico
  • Unknown - Midget Master Jonathan hires Commander Thomas to help in a military campaign - the Patioed Pathway is successfully conquered and the Quiet Area Pathway also raided. Thomas temporarily takes control of the Midget Army and threatens a coup. Midget Master Jonathan permits Thomas to hold equal power to him in order to prevent a civil war.
  • Unknown - The People's Republic of Eania is founded.



  • 10th - Refoundation of the Federal Republic of Cyberia.
  • 20th - Second Boys v. Girls War: At a summer party, members of the Midget Army that have been invited launch invasions of the girls room under the commander Gregory. Midget Master Jonathan attempts to stop the fighting, but once a second boys versus girls war is declared, he attempts to obtain victory as quickly as possible. Outcome is a tie, but most of the Midget Army view the short war as a defeat.


  • Unknown - Attempted coup in the Midget Empire. Commanders Thomas and Gregory attempt to depose Midget Master Jonathan. He is captured by them, but freed by a group of loyalist Yr. 5s. Midget Master Jonathan arranges a peaceful compromise to avoid civil war, and a Triumvirate is formed, all three of them with equal power.
  • Unknown - The Confederacy is founded by Dylan Emborough and a few other people. It immediately declares war on the bully factions on the schoolyard.
  • 13th - Drew Star Line is founded by the six individuals: Diego Bell, Suzuki Leōcor, Caleb Flaville, Jericho Gilmore, Tegan Paris and Justin Zeller. They are collectively termed as the Old Dogs..




List of micronations

Nation (start of year) Months Nation (end of year)
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
Drew Star Line Drew Star Line
The Mohawks The Mohawks

National leaders