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[[File:The United Nations Building.jpg|thumb|1 micronation was founded in 2003.]]{{Calendar}}{{Year in various calendars|2003}}
==Events by month==
==Events by month==
[[File:The United Nations Building.jpg|thumb|1 micronation was founded in 2003.]]
*'''30th''' - [[Tsar Charles I]] of [[Phokland]] is born.
*'''30th''' - [[Tsar Charles I]] of [[Phokland]] is born.

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1 micronation was founded in 2003.
The current date is
15 November 2019

2003 in various calendars
Gregorian calendar2003
Ab urbe condita2756
Armenian calendar1452
Assyrian calendar6753
Bahá'í calendar159–160
Balinese saka calendar1924–1925
Bengali calendar1410
Berber calendar2953
British Regnal year51 Eliz. 2 – 52 Eliz. 2
Buddhist calendar2547
Burmese calendar1365
Byzantine calendar7511–7512
Chinese calendar壬午(Water Horse)
4699 or 4639
    — to —
癸未年 (Water Goat)
4700 or 4640
Coptic calendar1719–1720
Discordian calendar3169
Ethiopian calendar1995–1996
Hebrew calendar5763–5764
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat2059–2060
 - Shaka Samvat1924–1925
 - Kali Yuga5103–5104
Holocene calendar12003
Igbo calendar1003–1004
Iranian calendar1381–1382
Islamic calendar1423–1424
Japanese calendarHeisei 15
Javanese calendar1935–1936
Juche calendar92
Julian calendarGregorian minus 13 days
Korean calendar4336
Minguo calendarROC 92
Nanakshahi calendar535
Thai solar calendar2546
Tibetan calendar阳水马年
(male Water-Horse)
2129 or 1748 or 976
    — to —
(female Water-Goat)
2130 or 1749 or 977
Unix time1041379200 – 1072915199

Events by month




  • Unknown - Midget Civil War: Dispute over the leadership of the Midget Empire results in victory for Midget Master Daniel and the Midget Army over the New And Improved Midgets.
  • 11th - Most commonly accepted date for the founding of the Cheslovian Federation.


  • Unknown - Battle of the Push Bench Gang: Midget Army and Word Life Gang invade the former territory of the New And Improved Midgets and defeat the Push Bench Gang, who had been occupying the land.
  • Unknown - Reckoned unification of The Mohawks.


  • Unknown - First Boys v. Girls War: The Girly Gang intrude occupy some of the Word Life Gang's territory, and declare war upon them and the Midget Empire.
  • 1st - Nicholas Paul Nix is elected 10th Secretary-General of the League of Secessionist States. He will be re-elected for 4 consecutive years.






  • Unknown - The Midget Army and Word Life Gang attempt to conquer the Quiet Area but fail.



National leaders