1st Imperial Air Group

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1st Imperial Air Group
The group's logo
Active 5 October 2013 - 5 January 2018
21 January 2020 - present
Country AdammiaFlag.png Empire of Adammia
Branch Adammic Air Force
Size 1
Part of Military of Adammia
Nickname The Straw Hats
Aircraft RC planes
Engagements March 2014 "drone strike"
Commodore Sam Baker
A RC aircraft formerly used by the unit.

The 1st Imperial Air Group, formerly the 1st Paper Air Group, is one of two units within the Adammic Air Force in the Empire of Adammia, and the only Air Force reserve unit.


The unit was originally created in October 2013 and was led by Commodore Sir Tom Bennett, working alongside the Imperial Airbourne in the Adammic Army. In 2014, it constructed and flew a couple of paper aircraft. In the Astley Meadow Insurgency, it took part in March 2014 when its Commodore launched a "drone strike" at Luke, the insurgent, by throwing a paper projectile, which missed its target. It fell into inactivity in late 2014, but was considered too valuable to be disbanded. In January 2015, it was reformed, gaining a new Commodore - Daniel Pettinger - and getting its current name, along with a logo. It operated remote-controlled aircraft out of the Air Force's headquarters, AAF Dearneland airbase. In January 2018, the unit was disbanded after Dearneland left the Empire.

In January 2020, the unit was re-activated under its third commanding officer, Commodore Sam Baker. However, it was soon downgraded to the status of reserve unit due to inactivity in September 2020.

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