1 Field Ambulance

1 Field Ambulance (1st Field Ambulance; 1FA) is a medical unit within the Baustralian Armed Forces situated in Cascadia, Holderton. It is assigned to the 1 Division, Baustralian Army. The 1FA is acting-commanded by the Surgeon general as the only medical unit. The current surgeon general is Surgeon rear admiral Joseph Peto.

1 Field Ambulance
Cap badge of the 1st Field Ambulance.svg
Cap badge
BranchBaustralian Armed Forces
TypeField ambulance
RoleMilitary medicine
Part ofBaustralian Medical Branch
Surgeon GeneralBaustralia-Navy-O7 (surgeon; infobox).svg Surgeon rear admiral Joseph Peto
Ambulence segreant majorBaustralia-Army-OR-9 (infobox).svg WO Logan Perry-Ardens

Notable members