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17th Infantry Division


17th Infantry Division
Active 28 December 2017 - 28 April 2018 (reformed, split into 5 Motor Rifle Brig. and 14 Motor Rifle Brig.)
Country Streshian Flag.png Republic of Streshia
Branch Streshian Army
Size 6
PartĀ of 1st Field Army
Headquarters Pratka Military Base
Engagements None
Colonel Alexander Riker II

The 17th Infantry Division was an infantry division in the Streshian Army.


The 17th Infantry Division was formed on 28 December 2017. It was later deactivated on 28 April 2018 and split into the 5th 'Pratka' Motor Rifle Brigade and the 14th 'Petragorsk' Motor Rifle Brigade due to the army moving from a division based structure to brigade based.