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Álvaro Barredo

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Álvaro Barredo is the current president and head of state of Altannia. He is a citizen of Altannia, Ceticilia and Spain.
Álvaro I was one of the founding father's of Altannia along with former President Sebastián, and former Emperor of Altannia Unita.

President Álvaro Barredo
ESMD Álvaro Barredo d'Altannia Septentrionalis

I Grand Duke of Blanssmesòu Septentrionalis Co-Prince of la Seu de Terranova

Picture of Álvaro Barredo as Altannese Emperor
Emperor of Altannia Unita
Reign May 13th 2016 - August 25th 2018
Coronation May 13th 2016 (as Emperor of Altannia)
Predecessor Guillermo II (as King of Eastern Altannia)
Successor Defunct title
Interim President of the Altannese Republic
Reign August 25th 2018 - August 31st 2018
Predecessor Newly created office
Himself, as President
President of the Altannese Republic
Reign September 1st - Today
Predecessor Himself, as interim President
Full name
Álvaro Rodríguez-González Barredo
House Barredo
Born June 16, 2000 (2000-06-16) (age 19)
Madrid, Spain
Religion Agnosticism

Full Title

By the Altannese Constitution, the President of Altannia Unita holds a nominal title to every duchy, march and gran duchy in the Republic. Similarly, he holds every decoration that the Altannese State can grant. Apart from that, however, Álvaro Barredo is, by his own right, Grand Duke of Blanssmesòu Septentrionalis, by the Treaty of Blanssmesòu; and Co-Prince of la Seu de Terranova, by the Treaty of Integration of the aforementioned territory.

Newly created title King of Western Altannia
Defunct title

ESM Guillermo II King of Eastern Altannia
ESM Jorge I

Newly created title Emperor of Altannia Unita
2016 - 2018
Defunct title

Newly created title Supreme Magister of Altannia
2016 - 2018
ESGD Elemer San Miguel

Newly created title Leader of the Bureaucratic Congress of Altannia
2012 - 2018
ESGD Ana Bango

Newly created title President of the Altannese Republic