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The Carshalton Sector is the name given to the sector of micronations based mainly in and around the British town of Carshalton. First used to describe Austenasian suzerainty over Orly and the Midgets, it broadly refers to the Austenasian, Orlian, and Midget/Rushymian nations. On 12 May 2012, Declan I, II & V formally recognised his leadership of these nations by adopting the title Shahanshah of the Carshalton Realms.

Little record of Rushymia or the Midget Empire survived before Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia recorded the histories of the nations using oral tradition and some meagre written sources. It is safe to presume that knowledge of these two nations has mostly stayed with their former members, with few living in Carshalton who were not involved even aware they existed. The first time a large amount of British residents of Carshalton became aware of micronations in Carshalton was in January 2009, when the local newspaper printed an article on the founding of the Empire of Austenasia. The following year, the number of locals with knowledge of Austenasia exploded - Sutton Council recognised the Austenasian nation in March 2010, the Austenasian Civil War resulted in over one hundred local students enlisting in either the Austenasian Army or Carolinian militias with many more becoming aware of the conflict, and in July that year the nation of Orly was founded by regular visitors of a local park after some of them were inspired by Austenasia to form their own nation. Austenasia was again featured in the local paper in September 2011, and in May earlier that year local MP Tom Brake held a meeting with HIH Crown Prince Jonathan to discuss Austenasia's relations with the UK.