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The capital of a nation is usually defined as the city within that nation that the functions of government are centralised. For nations with tiers of government, where some measure of authority is delegated to units smaller than the national level, these units may themselves have capitals. The word may also be used in a less restrictive sense, to denote a city or other locale which a center of some industry or activity; an economic capital, a fishing capital, etc.

In micronations, especially those that are mostly online and that have no secessionist ambitions, the idea of having a capital is less related to an actual need for centralisation in a single place than to the idea that nations naturally have capitals. As such, many online micronations, especially if they're not averse to creating a little fictional background, will claim to have a capital.

List of capitals of micronations

This is a list of capitals in various micronations.

Micronation Capital State/Territory/Province/District
Aariania Flag.png Aariania Yappy City Rubikia
Abelden Pleston and Alexton Alenshka
Adammia Imperial City Tytannia
Apollo Luna Lime
Austenasia Wrythe Greater Wrythe, Royton
Most Serene Empire of Azzurria Azzurria Most Serene Empire of Azzurria
Campinia Campinopolis North Campinopolis, South Campinopolis
Coleraine Cathair Cánsas Archduchy of Noamh Séamus, Duchies of Noamh Peadar and Noamh Pádraig
Dale Republic Woking City Woking
Delvera Lavrada Lavrasia
DES Senya Cat's Corner Cat's Corner Province
Deseret Nauvoo Nauvoo
Egtavia Prad Capital Province
Eniarku Vicis District 1, Sector 1, Greater Vicis
Erephisia Hauptstadt Sedna
North Farrar Farrar city North Farrar Province
Confederation of Flevelt Pavia (city) Grand Duchy of Pavia
Florenia Afula Dominion of Afula
Gishabrun Kravat Kravat Oblast
VlagHeist.png Heist-op-den-Berg Heist-op-den-Berg (city) Stad Heist-op-den-Berg
Hodiny New Rouen New Rouen Province
Indokistan Suwarnakarta Suwarnakarta
Karnia-Ruthenia Persenburg Duchy of Persenburg
Landashir Sycamore Booker Sycamore Booker District
Latitudia Friedenheim Duchy of the Salt Sea
Leylandiistan and Gurvata Orchardstown Leylandiistan
Los Bay Petros Dredim Capital Region
Labstadt (Seat of government)
Central Mainland (separate Special Direct Regions)
Lundenwic New Charter Territory of New Charter
Lurk Redwood Free City of Redwood
Molossia Espera Harmony Province
Myrotania Myrotania N/A
Nedland Palazu New Rogaland
Nemkhavia Paterstadt Republic of Novomir
Flag of The Empire of New Amsterdam.png New Amsterdam Smock Station Greatersmock, URS
New Israel Augustinople
North American Confederation Indianapolis Imperial District
Occitania Babougrad Federal City of Babougrad
Pannonia Sirmie PN1
Paravia Nyros Clyne
Prsänëa Georgetown Archduchy of Georgetown
Sabia and Verona Alios
VivannianFlagNew.png Vivannia Natura Flovios
Sandus Kremlum Sandus n/a
Secundomia Middle Secundomia City Middle Secundomia
Shireroth Shirekeep Shirekeep County
Shorewell Shehzadam
Sirocco Alston National Capital District
Slin Royal Offyce Saint Rychard Department
St.Charlie District District
Usian Republic Usipolis Province of Usipolis
Varina Varina N/A
Vedistan Vedpuri Rajputana State
Vikesland Vikesland Capitol n/a
Vilthia Vignetia Vignetia
Wyvern Wyvern-Stad Wyvern (state)
Zealandia Tyrshavn Denton Canton
Zukeland Swynport Grand Duchy of Bransfield
Wakanawabla Empire Town Empire Town Capital Province
The free Jewish immigrant republic of Lipelistan Karmiel Galilei hights